1. "Intoxicated"


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  2. "Satiety"


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  3. "Material Pleasure"


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  4. New Project Emotions’

    Starting on a new project called Emotions, calling for the B-grade cut photos/the ones that didn’t make it but showcasting a strong human emotions or feeling and therefore making their own cut Watch out for Emotions’ coming up!

  5. Here is something different from me. is it likable or just shit?


  6. Are my photos good enough for hire? would you hire me for an event or should i get more practice?

  7. yesterday was 2014 Velopresse street race! it was bloody good fun!

  8. totally forgot to get film far venice processed, doing it the next few weeks, anyways here my favorite digital

  9. actually looking forwards to the nordic cold cozy winter for the first time


  10. I am buying some new gear. help me Canon F-1(new) or Nikon F3HP? Nikon F4 or Nikon F100?

  11. Yesterdays skies

  12. Sorry i haven’t uploading any photos lately on here, but i been on Instagram!
    Please hit me up - adrianbuus

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  13. I am curently in Hamborg, and i have only brought film cameras so here is some iPhone shot

  14. adrianbuus:

    not happy with your christmas present, ayi brother?

  15. My brother and the polo boys last weekend at Northside Festival